Step by step guide for researchers requesting access into archival records, sources for genealogical and biographical research

Request submission


Researchers are to submit a request for access to archival records

  • Research topic needs to be in the letter
  • Types of records researcher needs to have access to
  • Duration of research
  • Research letter from institution
  • Student identification

Director approval


Request is sent to Director for approval

Archivist vetting


Senior Archivist Recordkeeping will sight letter and identify staff and records for the researcher

Researcher access


Researcher has access to the records within their request. Any other records outside of their request scope will need to be discussed with SARK.

Thesis submission


Researcher to submit completed copy of thesis to the National Archives.

This bibliography is compiled to assist members of the staff of the National Archives in the
genealogical and biographical enquiries with which they have to deal in the course of their
work. The bibliography is by no means exhaustive there may be some sources which the
compiler has overlooked, and, there may be new materials which may come to light later
on or published in future and which are not included in this volume. The bibliography
therefore needs to be updated from time to time to include these new materials.
The present volume deliberately omits published autobiographies and biographies which
are easily accessible by consulting the Reference Library catalogue. On the other hand it
includes published and unpublished biographies which are not easily discernible from the
The bibliography is divided into six Sections: General, Civil Servants, Indian Immigration,
Polynesian Immigration, the Armed Forces and Autobiographies and Biographies. Under
GENERAL may be found sources of general information on Fiji residents from the earliest
dates to the present. Under the other Sections are to be found sources of information
relating to persons covered by those Sections.
It is hoped that this bibliography will be useful to staff and will assist them in the efficient
conduct of research enquiries. It is also hoped that patrons of the National Archives will
find it useful for their own researchers.

Download Sources for genealogical and biographical research (pdf, 437kB)

Frequently requested records

Colonial Secretary’s Office 1874 - 1965

The Colonial Secretaries Office (CSO) was established on September 1st 1875, 11 months after the signing of the Deed of Cession. The office was responsible for the administration of the Colony, and was able to consolidate and expand the degree of recordkeeping to support decision making. These records have immense historical and social value as they capture challenges faced by both the colonial administrators and their people of Fiji.
These records are used to conduct research in the areas of:
History, Health, Sociology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Architecture, Infrastructure, Development, Statistics, Genealogy and so on.

Colonial-Secretarys-Office (Pdf, 192 kB)

  • General register of Inwards correspondence
  • Nominal Index
  • Subject Index


Indian Immigration Records 1879 – 1916

The introduction Indian Indentured Labour was an important chapter in Fiji’s development. Over a period of 37 years (1875 – 1916), 87 ships brought over 60, 538 labourers to work on local plantations. Initiated by Fiji’s first Governor Sir Arthur Gordon, the arrival of indentured labour from the subcontinent (Indian) left a permanent impression. The scheme increased the economic viability of plantations, enabled the colonial administration to minimize Fijian alienation from the land, and forever changed the socio-political landscape of the young colony. These records continue to bge of immense informational value, especially for descendants of the original labourers who are trying to establish or verify their heritage, as well as for academics and professional researchers.

Indian-Immigration-Pass-list (Pdf, 6,902 kB)

  • General Register of Indian Immigrants
  • Plantation Register
  • Repatriation Register

Land Claims Commission

These are the records of the Land Claims Commission (LCC) which was set up by Sir Arthur Gordon to determine the validity of land claims (land sales). Misunderstandings on the selling and purchasing of land had become a problem in the colony, and the Commission was put in place to make a final ruling on these matters. These records continue to be one of our most requested set of records.

  • Index to Land Claims Commission Reports
  • Land Claims Commission reports
  • Index to Crown Grants
  • Crown Grant Registers

Land-Claims-Commission (Pdf, 171kB)

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