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Services offered by the National Archives

Information Services

Users to the National Archives can obtain information by using the Sir Alport Barker Library to conduct research work. Enquiries can be referred to the Librarian and Library Assistant who will provide materials relevant to their search.

Some modes of obtaining information from the National Archives:

  • Telephone requests
  • Through emails
  • Correspondences
  • Library use

The above can be done if you contact us.

Charged Services

  1. Photocopying charges - $0.30/page
  2. Scanning/printing - $0.60/page
  3. Downloading to CDs - $10.00
  4. Microfilming - $90/reel
  5. Processing of films - $10/reel
  6. Copying files direct to computers $1.56 (half day), $3.10 (full day)


Records Management training has been a relatively new programme offered at the National Archives. This is provided with the assistance from the Public Service Commissions Centre for Training and Development (CTD) in Nasese, Suva.

Training programmes can also be conducted upon request from the other Government Ministries and Departments.

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