What are the archives for?

 Archives are documents made or received and accumulated by a person or organisation in the course of the conduct of affair and preserved because of their continuing value. those records of any public or private institutions which are adjudged worthy of preservation for references and research purposes and which have been deposited or have been selected for deposit in its archival institutions. [Modern Archives, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1956,]

Welcome message

Welcome to your National Archives web page. We have a vast treasure trove of information about Fiji and its people. This information is held for you in archival records and publications occupying over six kilo meters of shelving, along with over a hundred thousand historical photographs, and two thousand hours (70 terra bytes) of historical audio visual footage, some of which has been repackaged and is aired on television in the "Back in Time" programme.

These holdings constitute the lion's share of Fiji's documentary heritage. It provides a bridge for users to reach back in time to find vital information for present day issues such as pension entitlements (for former civil servants), family genealogies, property issues and so on. And for professional researchers we are an unrivaled repository of primary and secondary source materials, necessary for compiling comprehensive works on anything concerning Fiji.

Engaging with the archives has enabled many to connect with their heritage in a real and invigorating way. Through this webpage we hope to support you by:

  1. Showing you what we have
  2. Helping you to make the most of our resources
  3. Highlighting important pieces of Fiji's history
  4. Sharing how your archives has impacted the lives of its users

There is much to see here, and we hope this will entice you to visit us and begin your own personal journey of discovery.

Vinaka Vakalevu,

Opeta Alefaio

Our Vision

Building Fiji through Authentic and Accessible Archival Records.

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The National Archives was established in 1954 as the Central Archives of Fiji and the Western Pacific High Commission after several decades of intermittent...

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