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Bulia, Kadavu - 1959

Did you know that there is some Fijian blood (Kawa i Taukei) in the Arctic?

Fijians in Alaska

Meke Wesi

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Queen Elizabeth Barracks - 1962

The old archives

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Berkley Crescent - 1959


Building Fiji through authentic and accessible archival records.

Our collection contains around a million documents dating from the early 1800’s to the present. These records constitute a large portion of the nation’s collective memory, and provide a bridge for citizens to reach back in time to find vital information for present day issues such as pension entitlements, family genealogies, and property cases.

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Archives changes lives

Lesley Bryant is a retired microbiologist and librarian. Through the National Archives of Fiji, she was able to find important information that would change her life forever.

Administrative history

Fiji Islands administrative history timeline

Fijians in Alaska

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Frequently used records

There are many different types of records in our holdings. These following records are our most requested and used documents.

Indian Immigration Pass List

These records continue to be of immense informational value, especially for descendants of the original labourers who are trying to establish or verify their heritage, as well as for academics and professional researchers.

Land Claims Commission

These are the records of the Land Claims Commission (LCC) which was set up by Sir Arthur Gordon to determine the validity of land claims (land sales).

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National Archives of Fiji

The National Archives was established in 1954 as the Central Archives of Fiji and the Western Pacific High Commission after several decades of intermittent proposals from interested individuals. Less than a year after Fiji attained Independence the National Archives of Fiji formally came into being with an amendment of the Public Records Ordinance in July 1971.

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